IOTA/EA starts collection Asteroids and Lunar occultation report

IOTA/EA is ready to begin report collection business on Dec.15 2023.

The reports from East Asia region will be sent to the central office of IOTA.

These data, from all over the world, are archived at the VizieR Astronomical Data Center. And the data will be used for various purposes, such as understanding the shape of asteroids and improving their orbits. Lunar data will be used to verify the topography of the lunar limb and the positions of stars, and data on double stars will be reflected on the Washington Double star Catalog.

Send your report directly to:

  • Asteroid occultation: asteroid-report _@_
  • Lunar occultation (include grazing occultation ): lunar-report _@_

In addition to above, we recommend introducing your observation to regional community with SNS, Mail list and others.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

  • [ Asteroids: asteroid-report _@_ ]
  • [ Lunar : lunar-report _@_ ]

Details on how to submit reports are described in the following documents:

Dec. 12, 2023

Asteroids / Lunar department

International Occultation Timing Association / East Asia