Member Registration

Membership applications for FY2024/25 (August 2024 to July 2025) are currently accessible.

(*) required items.

Some items are disclosed in the member list page (see sample page).

  • [D] Items disclosed on the member list web page (password protected, only viewable by the IOTA/EA member).
  • [N] Items NOT disclosed. Only used by the IOTA/EA officers for operation of the association.
Fisical year of the IOTA/EA is from August to the next July.
Your name in ASCII characters.
Your name with your locale characters (UTF-8 characters).
Your e-mail address. You can disclose it in the member page if you like.
Your affiliation (university, institute, school, observatory, club, etc.)
Your phone number: +cc-xx-yyy-zzzz as “ccxxyyyzzzz”; cc=country number; xx-yyy-zzzz=your local number.
Your detailed regional information to be shown in the member list page. (optional)
Your web page URL to be shown in the web member list.