IOTA/EA FY2024/25 Plan

Fumi Yoshida & Tsutomu Hayamizu


  1. Annual meeting
  2. Built up Original domain HP and File servers
  3. Occultation Observation Workshop
  4. Observation Campaign
    • 2024 Nov 16, 19hUT (3200)Phaethon occ. UCAC4 647-018316 12.5mag star, Kinki, Korea, China

(1) Annual meeting

Date and time

  • 2024 Aug 25 (Sun) 01:00~07:00UT (10:00~16:00JST)
  • The meeting will be held at Zoom; there will be no on-site meeting.
  • Both English and Japanese will be used.


General meeting

  1. FY2023/2024 Activity Report
  2. FY2023/2024 Financial Report/Audit Report
  3. FY2024/2025 Activity Plan
  4. FY2024/2025 Budget Plan

Research meeting on occultation observations

  • Activity reports from each region
  • New Software and Instruments
  • Individual occultation observations
  • Education and outreach activities
  • IOTA/EA members are invited to submit reports for presentation at the annual meeting. Each presentation will be 15 minutes long.
  • The date is fixed. The opening and closing times will be changed depending
    on the number of presenters.


2023 December to 2024 April

  • Activity and budget plans for FY2024/25 will be discussed at the Directors’
    Meeting and then finalized by the end of April.

Early June

  • Release of a first announcement for the annual meeting
  • Launch a call for proposals for observation campaigns
  • Create an annual meeting registration form
  • Release announcement of FY2024/25 membership fees to be collected

July 1

  • Start of registration for the annual meeting
  • Invitation to the worldwide IOTA groups (such as IOTA, IOTA/ES) to the
    IOEA/EA annual meeting

July 31

  • Deadline for FY2024/25 membership fees

August 10

  • Start accepting proxies of the annual meeting
  • Deadline for presentation registration of the annual meeting

August 18 (Sun)

  • Annual Meeting Program Disclosure

August 23 (Fri)

  • Deadline for attendance of the annual meeting and acceptance of the proxy

August 25 (Sun)

  • FY2024/25 Annual Meeting 01:00~07:00 UT (10:00~16:00 JST)

(2) Built up original domain HP and File servers

The IOTA/EA web pages are temporarily hosted on a server at the Planetary
Exploration Center, Chiba Institute of Technology. The data archive is located at the
University of Aizu.
IOTA/EA must eventually have its own web server and data archive server.
Capacity, services, fees, etc. will be discussed during this fiscal year.

(3) IOTA/EA Occultation Observation Workshop

Date: TBD
Main topic: Analysis of occultation observation data
Venue: TBD
Lecturer: TBD

(4) IOTA/EA Observation Campaign

1. 2024 Nov 16, 19hUT (3200)Phaethon occ.

  • UCAC4 647-018316 12.5mag star, Kinki, Korea, China
  • Detailed maps and observation plans will be announced on the IOTA/EA
    website as the observation date approaches.

2. Other observation campaigns

Other observation campaigns will be considered as they are proposed.