Research results

Research Results: 2020

Japanese paper

三宅範宗,大野宗祐,石橋高,河口優子,奥平修,前田恵介,飯島一征,梯友哉,山田学,加藤健一,山田和彦,高橋裕介,山岸明彦,瀬川高弘,野中聡,福家英之,吉田哲也,松井孝典 (2020), 成層圏微生物採取実験(Biopauseプロジェクト)に関する2017-2019年大気球実験報告,JAXA Research and Development Report, JAXA-RR-20-009, 1-17.

English paper

Abe, S., Ogawa, T., Maeda, K. & Arai, T. (2020), Sodium variation in Geminid meteoroids from (3200) Phaethon, Planet Space Sci., 194, 105040.

Arakawa, M., Saiki, T., Wada, K., …, Ishibashi, K., …, Yamada, M., et al. (2020), An artificial impact on the asteroid 162173 Ryugu formed a crater in the gravity-dominated regime, Science368, 67-71.

Devogèle, M., MacLennean, E., Gustafsson, A., Moskovitz, N., Chatelain, J., …, Arai, T., …, et al. (2020), New Evidence for a Physical Link between Asteroids (155140) 2005 UD and (3200) Phaethon, The Planetary Science Journal1, 15.

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Kadono, T., Suzuki, A. I. , Matsumura, R. , Junta, N. , Suetsugu, R., Kurosawa, K., & Hasegawa, S. (2020), Crater-ray formation through mutual collisions of hypervelocity-impact induced ejecta particles, Icarus, 339, 113590,

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Kimura, H., Hilchenbach, M., Merouane, S., Paquette, J., & Stenzel, O. (2020). The morphological, elastic, and electric properties of dust aggregates in comets: A close look at COSIMA/Rosetta’s data on dust in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Planetary and Space Science181, 104825.

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Kimura, H., Wada, K., Yoshida, F., Hong, P. K., Senshu, H., Arai, T., Hirai, T., Kobayashi, M., Ishibashi, K., & Yamada, M. (2020). The tensile strength of dust aggregates consisting of small elastic grains: Constraints on the size of condensates in protoplanetary disks, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 496, 1667–1682.

Kobayashi, M., Miyachi, T., Okudaira, O., Takechi, S., Kurozumi, A., et al. (2020). Acoustic signal production in ethanol by energetic xenon ions. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 59028004.

Kobayashi, M., Shibata, H., Nogami, K., Fujii, M., Hasegawa, S., …, Hirai, T., …, Kimura, H., et al. (2020), Mercury Dust Monitor (MDM) Onboard the Mio Orbiter of the BepiColombo Mission, Space Science Review216, 144.

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