Research results

Research Results: 2023

English paper

Yamada, M. et al. (2023), Inflight calibration of the optical navigation camera for the extended mission phase of Hayabusa2. Earth Planets Space 75, 36.

Naraoka, H., ..., Isa, J., ..., Sugita, S., ..., Wada, K., ..., Senshu, H., ..., Yamada, M., ..., Kikushi, S., et al. (2023), Soluble organic molecules in samples of the carbonaceous asteroid (162173) Ryugu. Science 379, eabn9033.

Yabuta, H., ..., Wada, K., Senshu, H., ..., Kikuchi, S., et al. (2023), Macromolecular organic matter in samples of the asteroid (162173) Ryugu. Science 379, eabn9057.

Hasegawa, Y., Suzuki, T. K., Tanaka, H., Kobayashi, H. & Wada, K. (2023), Collisional Growth and Fragmentation of Dust Aggregates. II. Mass Distribution of Icy Fragments. The Astrophysical Journal 944, 38.

Beniyama, J., ..., Arai, T., Ishibashi, K., ..., Yoshida, F., Senshu, H., et al., (2023), Simultaneous Multicolor Photometry of the DESTINY+ target asteroid (3200) Phaethon. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 75, 297–310.

Yoshii, K., Takada, S., Kurosawa, K. & Pöschel, T. Rheology of dilute granular gas mixtures where the grains interact via a square shoulder and well potential. (2023), Physics of Fluids 35, 013327.

Noda, H., Senshu, H, ..., Hirai, T., et al. Demonstration of deep-space synchronous two-way laser ranging with a laser transponder aboard Hayabusa2. (2023), Advances in Space Research 71, 4196–4209.

Ono, H., Kurosawa, K., and Matsui, T.  (2023), Experimentally Shock‐Induced Melt Veins in Basalt: Improving the Shock Classification of Eucrites. Geophysical Research Letters 50, e2022GL10100.

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Yoshida, F. ..., Akitaya, H., ..., Okamoto, T., ..., Arai, T., et al. Multi-chord observation of stellar occultation by the near-Earth asteroid (3200) Phaethon on 2021 October 3 (UTC) with very high accuracy. (2023), Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 75, 153–168.

Noguchi, T., ..., Kikuchi, S., ..., Senshu, H., ..., Sugita, S., ..., Wada, K., Yamada, M., et al. (2023), A dehydrated space-weathered skin cloaking the hydrated interior of Ryugu. Nature Astronomy 7, 170–181.

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Miyake, N., Ishimaru, R., Komatsu, G. & Matsui, T. (2023), Characterization of archaeal and bacterial communities thriving in methane-seeping on-land mud volcanoes, Niigata, Japan. International Microbiology 26, 191–204.