Research results

Research Results: 2015

Japanese paper

和田浩二. (2015). 離散要素法による衝突の数値シミュレーションの歩み. 遊・星・人 : 日本惑星科学会誌, 24(3), 201–213.

杉田精司, 桑原秀治, & 黒澤耕介. (2015). 超高速衝突実験が明らかにした衝突蒸発現象・化学反応過程. 遊・星・人 : 日本惑星科学会誌, 24(3), 181–190.

English paper

Chang, P.-J., Wada, Y., Garg, A., Nakayama, H., Kimura, M., & Hori, K. (2015). Combysion and performance studies of glycidyl azide polymer and its mixtures as hybrid rocket fuel. International Journal of Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion, 14(3), 221–239.

Cho, Y., Sugita, S., Kameda, S., Miura, Y. N., Ishibashi, K., Ohno, S., et al. (2015). High-precision potassium measurements using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy under high vacuum conditions for in situ K–Ar dating of planetary surfaces. Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy, 106, 28–35.

Dauphas, N., Poitrasson, F., Burkhardt, C., Kobayashi, H., & Kurosawa, K. (2015). Planetary and meteoritic Mg/Si and delta30Si variations inherited from solar nebula chemistry. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 427, 236–248.

Kadono, T., Suzuki, A. I., Wada, K., Mitani, N. K., Yamamoto, S., Arakawa, M., et al. (2015). Crater-ray formation by impact-induced ejecta particles. Icarus, 250, 215–221.

Kameda, S., Suzuki, H., Cho, Y., Koga, S., Yamada, M., Nakamura, T., et al. (2015). Detectability of hydrous minerals using ONC-T camera onboard the Hayabusa2 spacecraft. Advances in Space Research, 56(7), 1519–1524.

Kimura, H., Wada, K., Senshu, H., & Kobayashi, H. (2015). Cohesion of amorphous silica spheres: Toward a better understanding of the coagulation growth of silicate dust aggregates. The Astrophysical Journal, 812(1), 67.

Kitamura, N., Seki, K., Nishimura, Y., Abe, T., Yamada, M., Watanabe, S., et al. (2016). Thermal and Low-energy Ion Outflows in and through the Polar Cap. In Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Solar System (pp. 91–100). Hoboken, NJ, USA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Kurosawa, K. (2015). Impact-driven planetary desiccation: The origin of the dry Venus. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 429, 181–190.

Kurosawa, K., Nagaoka, Y., Senshu, H., Wada, K., Hasegawa, S., Sugita, S., & Matsui, T. (2015). Dynamics of hypervelocity jetting during oblique impacts of spherical projectiles investigated via ultrafast imaging. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 120(7), 1237–1251.

Matsumoto, A. K. & Ofwegen, L.P.van (2015). Melithaeidae of Japan (Octocorallia, Alcyonacea) re-examined with descriptions of 11 new species. ZooKeys, 522(522), 1–127.

Nakamura, M., Kitazawa, Y., Matsumoto, H., Okudaira, O., Hanada, T., Sakurai, A., …, Kobayashi, M. et al. (2015). Development of in-situ micro-debris measurement system. Advances in Space Research, 56(3), 436–448.

Okochi, K., Mieno, T., Kondo, K., Hasegawa, S., & Kurosawa, K. (2015). Possibility of Production of Amino Acids by Impact Reaction Using a Light-Gas Gun as a Simulation of Asteroid Impacts. Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 45(1-2), 195–205.

Satoh, T., Ohtsuki, S., Iwagami, N., Ueno, M., Uemizu, K., Suzuki, M., …, Yamada, M. et al. (2015). Venus’ clouds as inferred from the phase curves acquired by IR1 and IR2 on board Akatsuki. Icarus, 248, 213–220.

Senshu, H., Kimura, H., Yamamoto, T., Wada, K., Kobayashi, M., Namiki, N., & Matsui, T. (2015). Photoelectric dust levitation around airless bodies revised using realistic photoelectron velocity distributions. Planetary and Space Science, 116, 18–29.

Shalima, P., Wada, K., & Kimura, H. (2015). Ejecta curtain radiative transfer modeling for probing its geometry and dust optical properties. Planetary and Space Science, 116, 39–47.

Williams, G. C., & Matsumoto, A. K. (2015). A Review of the Pennatulacean Genus Stylatula, with the Description of a New Species from Japan (Cnidaria: Octocorallia). Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 62, 257–266.

Yanagisawa, M., Kurosawa, K., & Hasegawa, S. (2015). Ultra-High-Speed Photography and Optical Flash Measurement of Nylon Sphere Impact Phenomena. Procedia Engineering, 103, 657–662.