Research results

Research Results: 2013

Japanese paper

荒井朋子, (2013). 月惑星探査と月惑星試料分析との融合研究. ぶんせき (日本分析化学会誌), 10, 581-584.

後藤和久, 飯嶋耕崇, 和田浩二, 今村文彦,常ユイ, (2013). 海洋への隕石落下に伴う津波リスク評価. 日本惑星科学会誌 (遊・星・人), Vol.22, No.4, 207-213.

松本亜沙子 (2013).「うたかたの恋」皇太子ルドルフのサンゴ オーストリア=ハプスブルク帝国と海洋. 比較文明研究, 18: 99-130.

English paper

Hattori, M., Kobayashi, M., Miyachi, T., Takechi, S., Okudaira, O., Iwai, T., & Sugita, S. (2013a). Position-Dependent Behavior of Piezoelectric Lead–Zirconate–Titanate Cosmic Dust Detector. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 51(9R), 098004.

Hattori, M., Kobayashi, M., Miyachi, T., Takechi, S., Okudaira, O., Iwai, T., Okada, N., et al. (2013b). Influence of a Polyimide Surface Layer on the Piezoelectric Response of Lead–Zirconate–Titanate Cosmic Dust Detector. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 52(2R), 028002.

Ishibashi, K., Ohno, S., Sugita, S., Kadono, T., & Matsui, T. (2013). Oxidation of carbon compounds by silica-derived oxygen within impact-induced vapor plumes. Earth, Planets and Space, 65(7), 811–822.

Joy, K. H., & Arai, T. (2013). Lunar meteorites: new insights into the geological history of the Moon. Astronomy & Geophysics, 54(4), 4.28–4.32.

Kataoka, A., Tanaka, H., Okuzumi, S., & Wada, K. (2013). Fluffy dust forms icy planetesimals by static compression. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 557, L4.

Kobayashi, M., Hasebe, N., Miyachi, T., Fujii, M., Shibamura, E., Okudaira, O., et al. (2013a). The Kaguya gamma-ray spectrometer: instrumentation and in-flight performances. Journal of Instrumentation, 8(04), P04010–P04010.

Kobayashi, M., Miyachi, T., Hattori, M., Sugita, S., Takechi, S., & Okada, N. (2013b). Dust detector using piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate with current-to-voltage converting amplifier for functional advancement. Earth, Planets and Space, 65(3), 167–173.

Kobayashi, M., Miyachi, T., Takechi, S., Sekiguchi, M., Shibata, H., Okada, N., et al. (2013c). Study of Deterioration in a Piezoelectric Lead Zirconate Titanate Radiation Detector through Measurement of the Electromechanical Coupling Factor with 400 MeV/n Zenon Ions. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 52(12R), 126604.

Kouyama, T., Yamazaki, A., Yamada, M., & Imamura, T. (2013). A method to estimate optical distortion using planetary images. Planetary and Space Science, 86, 86–90.

Kurosawa, K., Sugita, S., Ishibashi, K., Hasegawa, S., Sekine, Y., Ogawa, N. O., et al. (2013). Hydrogen Cyanide Production due to Mid-Size Impacts in a Redox-Neutral N2-Rich Atmosphere. Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 43(3), 221–245.

Nagaoka, H., Karouji, Y., Arai, T., Ebihara, M., & Hasebe, N. (2013). Geochemistry and mineralogy of a feldspathic lunar meteorite (regolith breccia), Northwest Africa 2200. Polar Science, 7(3-4), 241–259.

Nakamura, A. M., Setoh, M., Wada, K., Yamashita, Y., & Sangen, K. (2013). Impact and intrusion experiments on the deceleration of low-velocity impactors by small-body regolith. Icarus, 223(1), 222–233.

Okamoto, T., Nakamura, A. M., Hasegawa, S., Kurosawa, K., Ikezaki, K., & Tsuchiyama, A. (2013). Impact experiments of exotic dust grain capture by highly porous primitive bodies. Icarus, 224(1), 209–217.

Suzuki, A. I., Nakamura, A. M., Kadono, T., Wada, K., Yamamoto, S., & Arakawa, M. (2013). A formation mechanism for concentric ridges in ejecta surrounding impact craters in a layer of fine glass beads. Icarus, 225(1), 298–307.

Wada, K., Tanaka, H., Okuzumi, S., Kobayashi, H., Suyama, T., Kimura, H., & Yamamoto, T. (2013). Growth efficiency of dust aggregates through collisions with high mass ratios. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 559, A62.