Associate Staff Scientist


Doctor of Science, Kobe University, 2002

Job experience:
Aug. 1, 2002 – Mar. 31, 2003, Postdoctoral of Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University (Taiwan)
Apr. 1, 2003, – Mar. 31, 2007, Postdoctoral of Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Tokyo)
Apr. 1, 2007, – Mar. 31, 2017, Research Expert, Office of International Relations, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Tokyo)
Apr. 1, 2017 to the present, Research Scientist, Planetary Exploration Research Center, Chiba Institute of Technology (Chiba)

Other experience:
Apr. 1, 1990 – Mar. 31, 1997, Technical officer of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Fukuoka)
Apr. 1, 2002 – Jul. 31, 2002, Assistance member of Public Relations Center, Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Tokyo)
Apr. 1, 2005, – Mar. 31, 2007, Part-time lecturer of Toyo University, Astronomy in Liberal arts subject (Tokyo)

Research specialties:
Observational research of the solar system small bodies.

I’m a planetary scientist as well as astronomer. I’m studying on our solar system through ground-based observation and planetary mission. Current my interest is to reveal a dynamical history of solar system based on physical properties and compositions of small solar system bodies.

I’m currently working on the following topics.

(1) Destiny+ mission
I’m a science team member. By conducting observation campaigns for related objects to the mission target body and gathering many kinds of information on the target, I contribute to the formulation of mission plans and equipment specifications.

(2) Small bodies survey of our solar system
I’m searching for the 9th planet, TNOs and other small bodies for understanding the formation/evolution of our solar system by the Subaru telescope. The region of outer solar system is an unexplored field waiting to be investigated by us.

(3) Observations for asteroid families
By using small telescopes, I’m measuring rotation periods, shapes and colors of members of young asteroid families. They bring us information on the impact event which formed them and timescale of space weathering on their surface.

(4) International and Interdisciplinary collaborations
I often work with international teams. It is fun to communicate with researchers from different countries.
It is fun to communicate with researchers from various fields.
I sometimes work with anthropologists to try to understand how humans perceive our universe in human history.

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