PERC Int'l Symposium on Dust & Parent Bodies 2021 (IDP2021)


To share state-of-the-art research on dust delivered to Earth and its parent bodies in a multidisciplinary approach of planetary science and astronomy in light of the DESTINY+ mission 


  1. Dust science in space mission, remote sensing, and sampling

  2. Onboard instruments with a special emphasis on dust detectors and analyzers


Scientific program

Monday, February 8, 2021

[Chair: Masanori Kobayashi]

10:15-10:25    Tomoko Arai (PERC/Chitec)

  1. Opening Remark & Introduction

10:25-10:45    Tomoko Arai
  1. Current status and science of DESTINY+

10:45-10:50    Coffee Break

10:50-11:10    Takayuki Hirai (PERC/Chitec), DDA team

  1. Current status of development and ground calibration of DESTINY+ Dust Analyser

11:10-11:15    Coffee Break

11:15-11:55    Dave Jewitt
  1. Evidence concerning dust ejection from Phaethon (Invited Talk)

11:55-13:00    Lunch

[Chair: Koji Wada]

13:00-13:20    Ishibashi Ko (PERC/Chitec), P. Hong, T. Okamoto, T. Ishimaru, M. Yamada, N. Ozaki, T. Hosonuma, T. Miyabara, M. Ohta, T. Takashima, DESTINY+ camera team

  1. DESTINY+ on-board cameras to be prepared for flyby observation of (3200) Phaethon

13:20-13:40    Peng Hong (PERC/Chitec), Ko Ishibashi, Takayuki Hosonuma, Osamu Okudaira, Masatsugu Otsuki, Hiroyuki Toyota, Kazutaka Nishiyama, Takeshi Takashima

  1. Initial performance tests for the TCAP tracking mirror of DESTINY+ mission

13:40-13:55    Koji Wada (PERC/Chitec), K. Ishibashi, H. Kimura, M. Arakawa, H. Sawada, K. Ogawa, K. Shirai, R. Honda, Y. Iijima, T. Kadono, N. Sakatani, Y. Mimasu, T. Toda, Y. Shimaki, S. Nakazawa, H. Hayakawa, T. Saiki, Y. Takagi, H. Imamura, C. Okamoto, M. Hayakawa, N. Hirata, and H. Yano

  1. Particle size of Ryugu's subsurface layer inferred from ejecta curtain of SCI crater observed by DCAM3

13:55-14:00    Coffee Break

14:00-14:15    Evgenij Zubko (Kyung Hee University), Anton Kochergin, Gorden Videen, Ekaterina Chornaya, et al.

  1. Characterizing activity of asteroid (3200) Phaethon in 2009

14:15-14:20    Coffee Break

14:20-14:35    Eduard Kuznetsov
(Ural Federal University)
  1. Orbital evolution of Phaethon group asteroids

14:35-14:40    Coffee Break

[Chair: Ko Ishibashi]

14:40-14:55    Eric MacLennan (University of Helsinki), Athanasia Toliou, Mikael Granvik

  1. The thermal and dynamical history of Phaethon and 2005 UD

14:55-15:00    Coffee Break

15:00-15:15    Ralf Srama
(University Stuttgart)
  1. The Dust Astronomy roadmap

15:15-15:20    Coffee Break

15:20-15:35    Jürgen Blum (TU Braunschweig), Dorothea Bischoff, Bastian Gundlach

  1. How can we constrain how comets formed?

15:35-15:40    Coffee Break

[Chair: Peng Hong]

15:40-15:55    Andrea Longobardo (INAF-IAPS), Thurid Mannel, Marco Fulle, Giovanna Rinaldi, Alessandra Rotundi, Vincenzo Della Corte, Stavro Ivanovski

  1. Characterization of 67P cometary activity by merging Rosetta's GIADA and MIDAS dust detectors data

15:55-16:00    Coffee Break

16:00-16:40    Carsten Güttler
(Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research)
  1. Rosetta at 67P - Cometary nucleus and dust activity (Invited Talk)

16:40-16:45    Coffee Break

16:45-17:25    Tony McDonnell
  1. 60 years heritage in cosmic dust detection (Invited Talk)

17:25                 Adjourn

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

[Chiar: Fumi Yoshida]

10:10-10:50    Christopher J. Snead (JETS/NASA Johnson Space Center), Keiko Nakamura-Messenger

  1. Handling, preparation and analysis of micro scale Astromaterials (Invited Talk)

10:50-10:55    Coffee Break

10:55-11:35     Hajime Yano
  1. Sample return technologies for micrometeoroids in space: From LEO to Deep Space (Invited Talk)

11:35 -11:40    Coffee Break

11:40 -11:55    Masanori Kobayashi
  1. Current status of Mercury Dust Monitor in orbit

11:55 -13:10    Lunch

[Chiar: Hiroshi Kimura]

13:10-13:50    Xiaoping Zhang (Macau University of Science and Technology), Lianghai Xie, Hong Gan

  1. Lunar dust fountain observed near twilight craters and dust emission experiment (Invited Talk)

13:50-13:55    Coffee Break

13:55-14:10    Sota Arakawa (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Sebastiaan Krijt

  1. On the threshold velocity for sticking of CO2 and H2O ice particles

14:10-14:15    Coffee Break

14:15-14:55    Akiko M. Nakamura
(Kobe University)
  1. Laboratory impact experiments: Ejection of dust (Invited Talk)

14:55-15:00    Coffee Break

15:00-15:15    Vincenzo Della Corte (IAPS-INAF), A. Rotundi, L. Inno, A. Longobardo, I. Bertini, F. Di Paolo, A. Piccirillo

  1. DISC (Dust Impact Sensor and Counter) the in situ dust instrument of Comet Interceptor

15:15-15:20    Coffee Break

[Chair: Takafumi Ootsubo]

15:20-15:35    Federico Di Paolo (Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope”), V. Della Corte, I. Bertini, L. Inno, A. Longobardo, A. M. Piccirillo, A. Rotundi

  1. DISC onboard Comet Interceptor/ESA probe: calibrations for hypervelocity dust impacts

15:35-15:40    Coffee Break

15:40-15:55    Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd (Sorbonne Univ./LATMOS-CNRS-CNES), E. Hadamcik, J. Lasue, J. Milli, J.-B. Renard

  1. Polarimetric clues for properties of dust in cometary comae or small bodies surfaces in preparation of Comet Interceptor mission

15:55-16:00    Coffee Break

16:00-16:40    Jessica Agarwal
(TU Braunschweig)
  1. Dust science opportunities with Comet Interceptor (Invited Talk)

16:40-16:45    Coffee Break

16:45-17:25    Jon Hillier (Freie Universität Berlin), S. Armes, L. M. Eckart, N. Khawaja, F. Klenner, F. Postberg, R. Srama, Z. Sternovsky, M. Trieloff

  1. Simulating hypervelocity cosmic dust in the laboratory (Invited Talk)

17:25                Adjourn

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

[Chair: Takayuki Hirai]

10:10-10:50    Bill Reach
  1. Cometary debris trails and the zodiacal light (Invited Talk)

10:50-10:55    Coffee Break

10:55-11:35    Andrew J. Westphal
(Space Sciences Laboratory, U. C. Berkeley)
  1. New insights into the journey from interstellar dust to planets (Invited Talk)

11:35-11:40    Coffee Break

11:40-11:55    Hiroshi Kimura (PERC/Chitec), DESTINY+/DDA Team

  1. On the chemical composition of dust in the Local Interstellar Cloud

11:55-13:10    Lunch

[Chair: Hiroki Senshu]

13:10-13:50    Zoltan Sternovsky
(University of Colorado)
  1. The detection and analysis of cosmic dust particles using in situ instruments (Invited Talk)

13:50-13:55    Coffee Break

13:55-14:10    Misako Tatsuuma (The University of Tokyo), Akimasa Kataoka, Hidekazu Tanaka, Tristan Guillot

  1. Formation process of small Solar System bodies investigated by material strength of dust aggregates

14:10 -14:15    Coffee Break

14:15-14:55    Hiroshi Kobayashi
  1. Dust in planet formation (Invited Talk)

14:55 -15:00    Coffee Break

15:00-15:15    Julien Milli (IPAG), Francois Ménard, Elodie Choquet, Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd, Jérémie Lasue, Jean-Baptiste Renard, Clément Baruteau

  1. The scattering properties of debris discs and the case of HD181327

15:15 -15:20    Coffee Break

[Chair: Tomoko Arai]

15:20-15:35    Minjae Kim (Institut für Weltraumforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften), J.-F. Lestrade, S. Wolf, NIKA2 core team

  1. NIKA2 observations of the debris disk around HD107146

15:35 -15:40    Coffee Break

15:40-15:55    Athanasia Toliou (Luleå University of Technology), Mikael Granvik, Georgios Tsirvoulis

  1. Dynamical evolution of NEAs: Minimum perihelion distance probabilities and dwell times

15:55 -16:00    Coffee Break

16:00-16:40    Håkan Svedhem (ESA/ESTEC) — CANCELED

  1. Interplanetary dust at 1 AU from in situ measurements (Invited Talk)

16:40 -16:45    Coffee Break

16:45-17:25    Eberhard Grün
(Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg)
  1. Models of interplanetary dust (Invited Talk)

17:25 -17:40    All Participants

  1. Discussion

17:40                Adjourn