1. Research in space and planetary sciences

Understanding origin and evolution of the universe, planets, and human beings is the most important goal of space science. In particular, planetary science has a vital role to illustrate universal existence of the Earth, life, and human beings, and provide an answer to the fundamental questions of “where did we come from, and where will we head for?” New data sets obtained from planetary explorations, enable us to study the origin and evolution of the solar system, examine the past and future of the Earth, and pioneer a new world for human beings.

2. Research and development of key technology

Toward future planetary explorations, we develop state-of-art space technologies required to assure mission success and safety for space activity under the harsh environment, such as zero gravity, extremely high vacuum, and wide temperature range.

Research areas

1. Development of scientific instruments for planetary explorations

We develop mission instruments to be installed onboard satellites for planetary exploration. A newly designed, planetary environmental simulator is being set up at PERC for preliminary experimental studies of scientific instruments and for space technology demonstrations towards a contribution to future planetary explorations. PERC also serves as a leading research center in the international community of planetary explorations and science, collaborating with JAXA and other space agencies and institutions around the world.

2. Analysis of planetary data sets

We process and analyze data obtained from scientific instruments and planetary exploration missions designed and manufactured at PERC, elucidating the significance in planetary sciences.
Our staff scientists also continue to work on data analysis on the currently on-going planetary missions including the first Japanese lunar mission, Kaguya.

3. Research in planetary sciences

On the basis of newly obtained data sets and knowledge through planetary exploration missions, we conduct theoretical and experimental studies as well as analysis of extraterrestrial samples in order to understand the origin and evolution of planets and their satellites.

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