Associate Staff Scientist


Ph. D.
After working as a JSPS Research Fellow PD (2009–2010) and a project researcher at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (2010 – 2011), I have moved to Chiba Institute of Technology.

Why is the Earth a planet with the environment with life? I am trying to resolve this fundamental question with a forward approach. My research style is to determine the initial condition of a system mainly by experimental method, and to estimate subsequent evolution of the system. I like such kind of forward approaches because my background is physics.

I’m focusing on hypervelocity impacts, which have frequently occurred on the Earth throughout its history, because they could produce a chemical reaction field with an extremely high energy density, leading to unique chemical reactions never proceed on the surface environment on the Earth. I mainly investigate impact-driven processes by using various experimental and numerical technique to explore what happened on the past Earth after hypervelocity impact events.

I’m responsible for the management and operation of the two-stage light gas gun at the hypervelocity impact laboratory. The launcher has been used not only to elucidate the nature of hypervelocity impacts in the solar system, but also to conduct experiments related to the development of equipment for future planetary explorations.