PERC Int'l Symposium on Dust & Parent Bodies 2020 (IDP2020)


To share state-of-the-art research on dust delivered to Earth and its parent bodies in a multidisciplinary approach of planetary science and astronomy in light of the DESTINY+ mission 


  1. Flyby observations and related sciences

  2. Onboard instruments with a special emphasis on cameras


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2005 UD



Flyby observation

Onboard camera

Dust and meteors

Protoplanetary disks

Debris disks

Space and ground-based observations

Laboratory analyses

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Takafumi Matsui [Chair]

Tomoko Arai

Takayuki Hirai

Peng Hong

Ko Ishibashi

Hiroshi Kimura

Masanori Kobayashi

Hiroki Senshu

Koji Wada

Manabu Yamada

Fumi Yoshida


Tomoko Arai [Chair]

Koji Wada

Hiroaki Akiyama

Masanori Kobayashi

Hiroki Senshu

Sohsuke Ohno

Ko Ishibashi

Yutaka Wada

Ryo Ishimaru

Manabu Yamada

Kosuke Kurosawa

Osamu Okudaira

Asako K. Matsumoto

Keisuke Maeda

Nori Miyake

Ryota Moriwaki

Fumi Yoshida

Takayuki Hirai

Peng Hong

Hiroshi Kimura

Akiko Shimoyama

Masako Ito

Takako Kikuchi

Shizu Ishihara


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